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General Appearance:

The Longhaired Whippet is a small sighthound that is very athletic, has well muscled hindquarters, a strong loin, a deep, powerful chest and an elegantly arched neck.  A graceful hound of great power, elegance and a flowing outline, Longhaired Whippets should be fit and conditioned to course in all types of terrain. 


There shall be two height divisions of Longhaired Whippets, standard-size and Miniatures, with the height measured at the highest point of the withers:


            Males - 19" to 22" (48,3 - 55,9 cm*)

            Females - 18" to 21" (45,7 - 53,3 cm*)

(There is a height allowance of 1/2" (1,3 cm*) either above, or below, the lower and upper height limits, for both sexes.)


            Males - Under 18 1/2" (under 47 cm*)

            Females - Under 17 1/2" (under 44,4 cm*) 

*Note: For the purposes of the calculation, I have used the appropriate measure conversion 1 inch = 2,54 cm and I have rounded the resulting numbers to one decimal place.         


At rest the Longhaired Whippet has a sweet, gentle, almost humble or apologetic look, but when on alert, he has a keen, intense expression.


Should be relatively long and lean, but with a rather wide back skull, tapering slightly to the eyes, and continuing to narrow to the nose.  The skull is flat on top with a very slight stop.  The head is not to be excessively long and narrow, nor excessively short and broad.  The jaws are powerful but clean with no coarseness.  Lack of underjaw is not desirable.  Nose is black, or as dark as possible in dilute colored dogs.  Scissors bite.


Dark, large and full.  Both eyes are to be the same color.  Light eyes are not desirable.  Eyelids and rims to be dark and fully pigmented.   


Rose ears are the only correct ear and are very highly preferred.  However, button ears, which are small V-shaped ears that fold just above the top of the skull, with the inner edge close to the cheek and the flap pointing down, are acceptable, although not desireable.  Prick, semi prick or hound ears are exceedingly undesirable.


Long, elegantly arched and muscular, with no throatiness.  An ewe neck or a short thick neck are undesirable.


Shoulder blades long and placed as obliquely as possible, with good muscling. Moderate space between the blades at the withers to allow for the girth.  The elbow is to be directly under the withers when viewed from the side.  The elbows should turn neither in nor out when viewed from the front.


Straight, and strong, with good bone all the way down to the feet.  Pasterns to be strong, but flexible, and have a very slight, but not too prominent, bend. 


Very deep, preferably to the point of the elbow.  Well sprung ribs but not barrel shaped.

Back and Loin:

Broad and strong, with a somewhat long loin.  A dramatic tuck up is highly desirable.  There is to be a definite arch over the well muscled loin, but the topline is not to be humped or wheel backed.  A flat back with a steep croup is very undesirable.


Strong, broad and well muscled across thighs; well bent stifles; well let down hocks, creating a long, powerful, wide rear with great driving power.


Strong, well knuckled, with thick pads, either hare foot or cat foot is acceptable. Flat feet are to be penalized.


Long, reaching at least to the hocks, and preferably below them.  Tail to be tapered, with a slight open curve upward the end to create a sweep, but not to be ringed.  Tail should not be carried high above the back.  Short, ringed, or high tails are all undesirable.


Hair soft and straight, or slightly curled or wavy.  Longer on neck to create a ruff.  Amount of body hair will vary from dog to dog.  An undercoat may or may not be present.  There is to be feathering on the back of the forelegs and under the chest, and more feathering on back of thighs and tail.


Any color, markings or combination thereof.


Effortless, low, level and powerful, covering the most amount of ground possible.  Great reach and drive.  Hackney gait, caused by high, constricted front leg action;  moving too close;  moving too wide; weaving; or crossing over are all undesirable.


Easy going, calm, dignified, and gentle, but very intense in the field.

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